How we work.........    

An extension to your own Sales & Marketing function

We can work as an extension of your existing sales and marketing department. We examine what the business needs, what skills are already in place and fill the gaps using our own resources. As part of the process we will mentor your own staff so that they can be more effective in future. We can even help you find new key employees if required.

‘Virtual’ Marketing Department

What if you don’t have a marketing department? No problem - we can act as your ‘virtual’ marketing department, leaving you free to concentrate on the aspects of the business which needs your particular skills. For smaller companies in particular this can save significant expenditure on staff, and give you access to experienced marketing personnel who would be too costly to employee at an early stage of growth.

Getting Started

All of our projects start in the same way. We will visit to discuss the business, your aims and ambitions, and to assess what is already in place. We will then prepare a proposal outlining exactly what we think is needed, and itemised costs for implementation. You can then decide how much you want to implement and how quickly. Then leave the rest to us!